"In a century, your children's children will say, they must have been giants in those days"

Brigadier General Lord Lovat
at the commando briefing, June 5, 1944.

(photo credit: IWM)


Why a membership?

The organization of commemorations within BOWU brings together several groups and musicians from all countries.

We want to offer you more events and moments of sharing! Your memberships cover current costs such as the website, insurance, miscellaneous equipment and help to carry out new projects...

BOWU International needs your support to continue to survive and thus to bring us together over time.

Members receive the D.day badge of the year when they participate in the commemorations. All members benefit from reductions on our services, the availability of the rehearsal room, invitations to events, etc.

Member Pipe Bands are highlighted on the BOWU.International website and our various networks.


To become a member of our association, go to the membership form of your choice.

Membership requests relate to different types of membership fees:

- Individual: €15.00 / year

- Couple: €25.00 / year

- Family: €35.00 / year *

- Group and Pipe Band: €50.00 / year

Support Us

For supporting members:

Professionals: a minimum entry fee of €450 (Four Hundred and Fifty Euros), you are exempt from membership fees.

Individuals: a minimum entry fee of €50 (fifty Euros) and an annual fee of €15.

For donations without membership:

You can send your donations in different ways.

(Your donation is deductible from your taxes up to 75%. Example, you make a donation of €100.00, after tax reduction, your donation will be €25.00).

To send your donations, please download the document below.

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