President since 2021, Rémy is passionate about history and has made it his job, within the two companies he heads.

From his paternal side, coming from American origin in direct connection with an old Scottish line of Aberdeenshire (the Fyvie family of the Gordon clan), members of his family landed and lost their lives in Normandy.

"BOWU represents a strong link for me. To look ahead, you have to know and understand your roots. The duty to remember is therefore a close link between the past and the future, which I will always strive to protect".

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In 1964, 20 years after D.Day, at the age of 10, a little boy went to see "The Longest Day" and its legendary bagpipe player Bill Millin represented by Leslie de Laspee. He "decided" to play the bagpipes and meet him one day...

30 years later, Bill visits him in his bookstore, with Doctor Feigelson, a resistance fighter of Danish origin. The story begins.

In 2014, after a trip to Moscow, Luc decided to launch the BOWU association in order to federate and coordinate the commemorations, and which will ensure them thanks to Pipers & Drummers from all countries until 2019...

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Uniform of the 91st Gatinais Highlanders



Elie WIESEL wrote: "The executioner always kills twice, the second time by forgetting. »

Native of Dieppe in Seine-Maritime, it is with strength and respect that we remember the ultimate sacrifice of these young men who came to die on our beaches on August 19, 1942. Two meetings will mark me: Léon GAUTIER and his wife Dorothy and John MILLIN and his wife Dorrie. Since then, every year it is in the middle of the Pipes and Drums that I am present during the ceremonies. It is naturally that I joined BOWU International, so that the memory remains alive and lasts beyond the years. Lest We Forget.



Originally from around Aubigny-Sur-Nère, I really discovered the importance of the ceremonies commemorating the D-Day when I arrived in Colleville-Montgomery. Elected to the municipal council, I gradually got involved in the preparation of ceremonies and in particular in welcoming the pipers and in the organization of bagpipe concerts. It was on this occasion that I discovered the members of BOWU with whom I worked closely. Once my municipal mandate ended, I naturally joined the association to help in its development.